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Fall of Five Character Prophecies: Part I

This week on the official I AM NUMBER FOUR Facebook page, we revealed a few sneak peeks at the fate of some of our favorite characters in THE FALL OF FIVE. Here’s a roundup of the first three posts, with more to come throughout the month of June!

Read on for some choice quotes from THE FALL OF FIVE. The battle is heating up, and some of the Garde and their friends may not survive…

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Meet “Sam”!

As if the I AM NUMBER FOUR book wasn't thrilling enough already, it's being made into a movie as well! Due out in theaters in February 2011, this action-packed flick also has an awesome cast--including Alex Pettyfer as Number Four/John Smith, Glee star Dianna Agron as Sarah, and Callan McAuliffe as Sam! Callan recently chatted with Movieline.com and spoke about his upcoming role in I AM NUMBER FOUR! Check out the snippet below! ...
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