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Fall of Five Character Prophecies: Part II

What’s in store for our favorite Garde and their allies in THE FALL OF FIVE? Nothing good, if the Mogadorians have their way. Here’s Part II of our roundup of the first FALL OF FIVE teasers, direct from the official I Am Number Four Facebook page!

Six has already been taken captive by the Mogs once—and she lived to tell about it. She’s not going to let that happen to her again, no matter what.

Marina’s not a warrior like some of ...

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Countdown: Marina’s Lorien

We’re almost there, I AM NUMBER FOUR fans! Only two more steps before we unlock a never-before-seen story about Number Eight’s past.

Today, we take a closer look at the world of Number Seven. Ever wonder what Marina saw when she painted her memories of Lorien? Now’s your chance to find out.

Thanks to all the fans who’ve already pre-ordered their copies of THE RISE OF NINE! If you haven’t, order yours now and help us count down to meeting Number Eight!

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Pittacus Lore Transmission #1 Revealed!

Earlier this week, we revealed the discovery of several transmissions from Lorien Elder Pittacus Lore--and now we're sharing them with you! Pittacus Lore’s transmissions reveal secrets about the Loriens and their Guardians and in this first installment, we learn about Marina’s ability to heal people and how it’s different from the healing stone. ...
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