character six header NUMBER SIX

Ever since the deaths of One, Two, and Three, Six has been looking for John, Number Four; she cannot let him die. Racing to find him before the Mogadorians, she understands that now is the time for the remaining Garde to unite. Slightly older than John, Six’s Legacies are more developed, and her ability to learn quickly and think on her feet has been the key to her survival. She’s been on her own since the death of her own Cêpan, Katarina, and has developed an independence and edge that both fascinates and frightens everyone around her, including John. Yet as powerful as John and Six may be together, the fact that they join forces also breaks the charm that has protected the Garde all these years. Only when they were apart did they have to be killed in order…things have just gotten a lot more dangerous for the remaining teens.