I am Number Four Ultimate Movie Swag Sweepstakes

10 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will receive:
The I AM NUMBER FOUR Ultimate Movie Swag Gift Basket

  • 1 cast signed I AM NUMBER FOUR movie poster
  • 1 cast signed copy of the I AM NUMBER FOUR Movie Tie-in Edition book
  • 1 autographed movie photo
  • 1 I AM NUMBER FOUR T-shirt
  • 1 I AM NUMBER FOUR sweatshirt.
25 FIRST PRIZE WINNERS will receive:

  • 1 I AM NUMBER FOUR T-shirt
  • 1 copy of the I AM NUMBER FOUR Movie Tie-in Edition book.

Earn 25 points to be entered into the I AM NUMBER FOUR Ultimate Movie Swag Sweepstakes. You will receive an email notification and a sweepstakes entry for the first 25 points achieved. Additional entries will be automatically registered for each user for every additional 25 points achieved.**

Although everyone on the planet Lorien is gifted, some are more powerful than others.

Cêpan: 0-24 Points

The Cêpan are master guardians or Keepers. Stronger and faster than all humans, and although they never develop powers their responsibilities are great. Their duty is to teach; to teach the Garde how to develop their powers and to remember their past.

Garde: 25-49 Points

The Garde are defenders. Born with one powerful legacy that they must develop in order to fight and protect. The remaining Garde are the only hope for the Lorien race to survive and as their powers develop, the Mogadorian threat becomes even greater.

Elder: 50+ Points

Invisibility, the ability to control the elements, imperviousness to heat and cold, telekinesis, the gift of communication with animals. Elders posses all the legacies and are the most extraordinary. The whereabouts of the Elders are unknown but their presence is felt now and throughout history.

** The previous I AM NUMBER FOUR sweepstakes opportunity (“I AM NUMBER FOUR Movie Premiere Sweepstakes”) has ended. All registered users’ points will be brought back down to zero in preparation for earning points towards entry in the new sweepstakes (“I AM NUMBER FOUR Ultimate Movie Swag Sweepstakes”) that begins 11/1/10.