The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones Official Description

Lost Files #5, The Last Days of Lorien, is officially here. Now that many of you have had a chance to read it, here’s a first look at the official description of the sixth Lost Files novella–The Forgotten Ones!

In this thrilling companion novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, learn the fate of Adam—the Mogadorian-turned-ally of the Garde who risked his life to save Sam.

Adam helped Sam Goode and his father Malcolm escape the Mogadorian base in Dulce, New Mexico. Using the Legacy that One bestowed upon him, he sacrificed himself and brought the entire facility crumbling down on his head.

Miraculously, Adam survives in one piece, and he also discovers something incredible that the Mogadorians had been hiding from the Garde. Separated from his allies, Adam sets out on a quest to find the one thing the Garde have been missing all these years. The very thing that could turn the tide in this war.

Adam is back! But what is “the one thing the Garde have been missing”? Share your guesses on the I Am Number Four Facebook page.

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