The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 7: Neytiri vs. Wikus

Alien Match 7 The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 7: Neytiri vs. Wikus

We’re nearing the end of Round 1 of the Mogadorian Fighter Challenge. In this matchup, Neytiri from AVATAR takes on Wikus from DISTRICT 9. And this time, the “aliens” are from Earth…

Rob: Both of these characters are aliens fighting against humans. Wikus doesn’t start as one, but he becomes one.

Dan: This is the other side of the alien invasion, where the humans are the evil oppressors. I love both of these characters. I want to vote… I don’t know. I like Wikus better, because I love the character arc he goes through, but in terms of “who would you rather have at your back in an alien invasion,” I have to go with Neytiri. She’s an absolutely terrifying fighter. Put aside whatever prejudices you have about tree-hugging monkeycats, she is very cool and very capable.

Neytiri source .uk  The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 7: Neytiri vs. Wikus

Neytiri: so cool (and capable) that she’s blue. (image source:

Rob: One of her biggest strengths here is the connection she has with nature, and being able to draw upon the big flying dragon-bird-things, and the animals of the forest, and the talking raccoon that lives with her.

Dan: More than just the animals, she uses the environment in every possible way. She can jump off a skyscraper-sized tree and use the leaves to control her fall.

Rob: On the other hand we have Wikus, and his benefit is technology. And very cool, very effective technology. But Neytiri and her culture survived a very high-technology attack, so I think Neytiri comes out ahead there, too. Also, Wikus is ultimately defeated, but Neytiri is ultimately triumphant.

Wikus source turntherightcorner The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 7: Neytiri vs. Wikus

Poor Wikus. (image source:

Dan: He’s not really defeated. He’s able to get the alien dude back into the ship so they can fly home, and even though he’s stuck on the planet at least he’s in hiding. He succeeds in his goal, it’s just that his victory is still a sad ending.

Rob: Right. But either way, I would go with Neytiri.

Dan: So would I.

WINNER: Neytiri

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