The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 6: Sigourney Weaver vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Alien Match 6 The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 6: Sigourney Weaver vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Welcome to Day 6 of the Mogadorian Fighter Challenge! We’re about to dive into two of the most block-busting, alien-ass-kicking movies that ever were: ALIENS (1986) and PREDATOR (1987). Will Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley or Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, his character has a name, but let’s be real here: it’s all about Arnold) triumph in the fight against the Mogadorians? Let’s check in with Dan and Rob Wells.

Dan: This is the coolest matchup ever. These are the two most iconic, sweaty, gun-toting lunatics ever to fight aliens. They defined alien-fighting movies for decades afterward.

Rob: I agree, this is totally the sweaty tank top category.

Dan: Okay. Are you familiar with the concept of jobbing, or Worfing?

Rob: Tell us.

Arnold source IMdB The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 6: Sigourney Weaver vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not Worf, but still badass. (image source: IMDB)

Dan: Worfing is when you have a character who’s super tough, like Worf, whose whole job is to get beat up by the aliens so they can show how tough they are. And PREDATOR is one of the only movies I can think of that does this really well, because they surround Schwarzenegger with the toughest, scariest dudes, and then show them being incredibly competent, and then show the Predator taking them out one by one without even breaking a sweat. Then Schwarzenegger manages by the skin of his teeth to figure out how to hide from the Predator’s technology and set traps and eventually kill him. It’s kind of a perfect action movie, in a lot of ways. It’s starts as a military thriller and turns into sci-fi horror seamlessly halfway through. It’s really well done. And Arnold has five or six guys Worfing for him to show exactly how threatening the Predator is. Sigourney Weaver has the same thing with the marines, but what I like about Weaver is that she is not military trained, and she ends up winning anyway. I’m going to jump right to the chase and say that I vote for her, because not only does she beat the alien, she beats it in a hand-to-hand fight, and she has no combat training, and all the marines have already been Worfed out long ago.

Rob: Yes.

Dan: That’s your response?

Rob: This is one that could go either way, but I’m just trying to think: if I were in a situation where I needed someone to defend me from aliens, who would I pick? To me, the more obvious choice is Schwarzenegger, because of training and so on, but what tilts it in Weaver’s favor is that number one I already owe you one, darnit, for Bruce Willis, and number two she gets extra points for being non-military, because her lack of skills require a different level of courage and persistence. He’s doing what he’s always been trained to do—granted, he’s going above and beyond—while she’s having to dig deep down and discover strength she didn’t know she had.

Sigourney Weaver source dailycognition The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 6: Sigourney Weaver vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ripley: so awesome, she doesn’t need military training to destroy ALL THE ALIENS. (image source:

Dan: Seems like we agree on Weaver but I’m going to seal the deal. Both characters are about survival—they want to get out of the situation alive—until Newt gets kidnapped, and then Weaver goes on the offensive. She hunts down the biggest, scariest monster there is, twice, and takes the fight to her. We have to give Weaver the category for that.

WINNER: Sigourney Weaver

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