Some more early buzz on the book!

“You’ve got to stop doing this to me—recommending books that prevent me from sleeping! Couldn’t go to bed till I finished it last night (this morning). LOVED IT! Great premise. Great pacing. Enough mystery to keep things interesting… I think the high school crowd is going to eat it up. Kind of like Superman meets The X Files.”

—Dave Richardson, Blue Marble, Fort Thomas, KY

“Number Four is a hero for this generation.”

—Michael Bay, director of Transformers

“I absolutely loved I Am Number Four; I couldn’t put it down.  I did NOT want it to end.  What a fantastic book—I think people will draw parallels to Avatar.  The action was so gripping, yet the story was really well-paced & there were many valuable messages to take away from the story about responsibility, the environment, friendship, being a good citizen, etc.  Just fabulous.  I am gushing.”

—Shannon O’Connor, Doylestown Books

“Will couldn’t put down I Am Number Four and told me it was  ‘amazing.’  He finished it in a day.”

 —Clare LaZebnik (about son Will, 13)

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