Alien Discovery – Arsenic-Loving Organisms Found on Earth!

As promised, NASA held a press conference yesterday to unveil their breakthrough in the search for alien life. Turns out that “the existence of life on Earth unlike anything we’ve seen before” is a bug that can survive in the presence of arsenic, a chemical poisonous to nearly all forms of life on Earth.

The discovery was made at Mono Lake, near Yosemite National Park . . . right here on Earth! It shows that “the basic building blocks of DNA are not quite what we thought.” This discovery could change how NASA searches for alien life on other planets. Now they’ll be on the look-out for arsenic in addition to phosphorous and carbon, elements they have always searched for as fundamental to life.

Robert Sawyer, a science fiction author, told “It’s a huge breakthrough. It changes the probabilities for their being life on other planets. If there is more than one recipe that makes life, then there are chances of rolling the dice in a chemical soup of all over the universe, and the chances of that chemical soup giving rise to life is much larger.”

Read the full article HERE.

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