10 Out-of-this-World Inventions

For those who are still amazed by the invention of the iPhone, prepare to be wowed. Whether you love being on the cutting edge, are a big fan of Back to the Future 2, or are looking for Christmas shopping ideas for the next 40 years, these inventions are for you.

1. HXO Car

What do you get when you take a car, remove its need for gas, give it trunk space inside the wheels and make it accessible for 16-year-olds and robots alike?

HXO car1 300x264 10 Out of this World Inventions

The 2040 HXO… available Fall of 2039


The HXO is greener than green, as it even finds batteries to be too much of an environmental hazard. This car is powered by sunlight, has a 3D interactive navigation display, and features an intelligent traffic management system, meaning you’ll never be late to school or anywhere else ever again. Still no word on how it performs on cloudy days.

2. Skatecycle

The Skatecyle is a real thing. You can buy one, right now. You should buy one, RIGHT NOW. Who needs the annoying task of pushing off on a skateboard, or only being able to snowboard on snow?

Skatecycle1 300x225 10 Out of this World Inventions

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The Skatecycle is perfect for snowboarders in the off-season, skateboarders in any season, or people who are simply looking to perfect some sick moves before this thing becomes an official sport at the X-games.

3. Kinect Gaming System

Discussed covertly for years as “Project Natal,” X-Box has come up with an invention to absolutely crush the Wii.

Kinect Gaming System 300x225 10 Out of this World Inventions

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That’s right. Through years of engineering, the most advanced commercial motion technology to date, and what has to be just a little bit of witchcraft, Microsoft stands ready to change video games forever. Imagine being able to play a game with just your mind, without the need for controllers!

Kinect makes video gaming accessible for everyone, and the best part is it works with your existing Xbox 360, which means you don’t need to buy a new system with new games. It’s available this Christmas, and I’m sure it will be at the top of everyone’s list.

4. Laser Harp

For DJ’s, light-show enthusiasts, or anyone who wished a lightsaber could be used as a musical instrument, the wait is finally over:

Laser Harp 300x225 10 Out of this World Inventions

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Basically this is a guitar mixed with a laser tape measure resulting in a brand new musical instrument. Each laser beam is aware of the distance to the ceiling and is connected to a different pitch in a synthesizer.

Any time the beam length is shortened (by putting a hand out and creating a new “ceiling”), the synthesizer recognizes it and produces a higher or lower pitch accordingly. This is more than just music—it’s a show as well!

5. Invisible Shoes

Of all the things to spend time and money making invisible, Andreia Chaves chose shoes.

Invisible Shoes 300x200 10 Out of this World Inventions

“Oops, I stubbed my toe… and appear to be losing a lot of blood.”


In reality these shoes are an intricate collection of mirrors, all angled to reflect the image of the ground to anybody wondering where your feet went (or why you spent money on glass shoes).

6. A Full Invisibility Cloak

Teams of scientists from around the globe have speculated for years on the ability to make something appear truly invisible, and one mathematician from the University of Utah says it’s finally possible.

Invisibility Cloak 300x208 10 Out of this World Inventions

Professor Graeme Milton waving to the camera from the lawn


Although scientists agree that the technology remains many years away, they all seem to agree that it is possible. By creating a super lens that reflects the light of an object back in the opposite direction, objects would appear (at least from a distance) to be invisible. On a scale of 1-10, that’s a pretty intense 11.

7. MDS Robot

“MDS” stands for mobile, dexterous, social. “Robot” stands for robot. And when you put them together, the results are astonishing (if not a little creepy):

MDS Robot 300x225 10 Out of this World Inventions

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The MDS seems to be a kind-hearted robot. . . let’s just hope his pleasant demeanor continues to follow the three laws of robotics. We don’t want an I, Robot situation on our hands.

I Robot 300x167 10 Out of this World Inventions


8. ASL Glove

Ryan Patterson patented this invention at the age of 18. Now he’s 26, and is most likely a bajillionaire.

ASL Glove 300x199 10 Out of this World Inventions

Not intended for bicycling or weight lifting


The American Sign Language Glove, or ASL Glove, is able to interpret and record sign language into computerized text and data. This is an enormous leap forward, as the ability to communicate in this fashion now means that everyone, regardless of their sign language proficiency, can communicate with the deaf.

A truly inspiring and brilliant invention, it restores the faith that even as a teenager, you can change the world (and become crazy-rich in the process).

9. Video Glasses

NOT FOR USE WHILE DRIVING. These sunglasses not only change the way you look, they also change the way you watch.

Video glasses 300x217 10 Out of this World Inventions

If you wear these shades during take-off, the flight attendant won’t see your iPod


These sunglasses present a virtual, 55” wraparound screen to turn your iPod or iPhone into a virtual theater. With 2D and 3D options and the ability to focus each eye independently (for those with prescription needs), these glasses are the perfect way to tune out in class while tuning in to your favorite shows.

10. The iXP3 Internet Message Clock

What better way to send a text to your parents or the roommates in your dorm than by sending it to their alarm clock? (Okay, well maybe it’s better to just send it to their phones, but there is no COOLER way.)

iXP3 Message Clock 300x130 10 Out of this World Inventions

This is the worst promotional image ever… This clock can receive literally any message and somebody sends it the current time. Ridiculous.


By keeping this clock in a prominent place in your dorm room or house, you can leave yourself reminders, let others know where you are, or freak out visitors simply by signing in online. I dare you to find me one other device that can send messages, utilize the internet and tell time that ISN’T a cell phone, computer or iPad. I DARE YOU!

While some of these inventions seem as though they are light-years away, almost all of them are available for purchase right now. With a little bit of work and a whole lot of savings, you too can own your very own solar powered, motion-activated, skateboarding invisible robot that watches movies through sunglasses and can send sign language messages to your clock. Or, at the very least, you can hope to get one for your birthday.

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