History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best

When it comes down to it, the coolest power is shape shifting. The next best ability is invisibility, which allows the shifter to hide at a moment’s notice. There have been dozens of shape shifters throughout the ages, each with particular strengths and weaknesses.

1. Mystique

She has the ability to change into anyone she comes into contact with, which makes her the most versatile of any of the shape shifters on this list. She is also smoking hot, thanks largely in part to Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Mystique 300x205 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best


A defining fact about Mystique is that her resting, natural appearance is completely blue with bright yellow eyes. Incredibly, she prefers this form because she is fiercely proud of her mutant heritage. She is every woman, man, firefighter, or whatever.

2. T-1000

A pure-evil shape shifter on the list is the T-1000. A time-traveling robot is programmed to kill, and his the ability to take on the appearance of anything around him—people, objects, tile floors, whatever—which makes him a challenging enemy to face.

T 1000 300x205 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best


Not only is T-1000 incredibly powerful, but he is also an educational visionary. If it weren’t for T-1000, then kids in the 90’s would have had no idea about liquid mercury or the periodic table of the elements.

3. Doctor Who

The good Doctor is less of a shape shifter, and more of an “iconic television character that enjoys being recast.” The Doctor is a character that can die and be reborn up to 13 (sometimes 15) times. However, every time The Doctor dies he is reborn as a different incarnation of himself.

Dr. Who1 300x225 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best


In the history of the show, there have been 11 Doctors. Each time The Doctor is killed and reborn, it’s the result of an unbelievable, action-packed story line. Dr. Who will continue to entertain audiences, as long as the audience loves science fiction soap operas.

4. Transformers’ Optimus Prime

For many children of the 80’s, Optimus Prime taught lessons in morality and bravery. He also taught them how to make cool sounds their mouths. Even though the famous Transformers are limited to vehicular shape shifting, we trust that Optimus Prime, the semi, will keep on truckin’ for peace in the galaxy.

Optimus Prime 300x206 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best


The leader of the Auto-bots, and defender of peace in the Galaxy, Optimus Prime served as a beacon for all that was right and good in the world. Then they killed him in that horrible cartoon movie. This scarred children, causing panic across the nation. The writers brought him back for the show, and also in the movies. This hero is a fan-favorite and blockbuster, even today.

5. Sirius Black

Sirius Black from the Harry Potter franchise has been given the unique gift of being the only shape shifter to be played by a shape shifter. Need proof?

Behold, Gary Oldman:

Gary Oldman4 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best


As you can see, Gary Oldman is a shape-shifting alien.

6. Jacob

Of course, I had to mention the most famous shape shifter of the new generation, Jacob Black. He is a werewolf, a friend, and shows his abs all the time. Jacob has given a new face (and torso) to shape shifters.

Jacob Black1 169x300 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in BestSource


By unleashing his inner wolf, Jacob Black has shown teenage girls that shape shifting, action movies, and science fiction can be incredibly cool.

7. The Incredible Hulk

Here we have one of the pioneers of shape shifting. Bruce Banner and his alter ego have paved the way for all of those who have followed since.

The Hulk 300x205 History of Shape Shifters: 7 That Blend in Best


The Incredible Hulk was huge in the 70’s. With little use of computer graphics, the Incredible Hulk of the late 70’s was one of the last shape shifters to be truly incredible. Ferrigno made the impossible possible, and embodied the Hulk both onscreen and off.


Although the shapes and styles may change, shape shifters remain a staple in our superhero lore, past and present. The idea of shape shifters give us hope while we are stuck in the drudgery of life. We all want to be superheroes. Then someday we can rip off our shirts, mess stuff up and walk away naked wearing only body paint and a smile. And in the end, isn’t that all that matters?

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