Meet “Sam”!

I Am Number Four 198x300 Meet Sam!
As if the I AM NUMBER FOUR book wasn’t thrilling enough already, it’s being made into a movie as well!

Due out in theaters in February 2011, this action-packed flick also has an awesome cast–including Alex Pettyfer as Number Four/John Smith, Glee star Dianna Agron as Sarah, and Callan McAuliffe as Sam!

Callan recently chatted with and spoke about his upcoming role in I AM NUMBER FOUR! Check out the snippet below!

“So tell me about I Am Number Four. I know it’s been shooting for a little while.
Yeah, it started quite a while ago, and I’ve been in Pittsburgh — where I am now — for about two months. I’ve only got about two weeks left of my shoot, and it’s been going really well so far.

I interviewed Teresa Palmer recently and she said she’s been doing some insane training for the film. Have you been, too?
Not really, too much. My character is a little less adept at fighting. [Laughs] I just sort of tag along and annoy everyone throughout the journey. I’m in quite a number of action scenes, but I’m always falling over. I haven’t done a lot of combat training, but I do have to keep my fitness up, because I have done a lot of running.

It’s also full of actors doing American accents. You and Teresa are Australian, Alex Pettyfer is British…is that a bonding experience?
Actually, Teresa gets to keep her Australian accent. They decided that since the whole thing is about aliens who’ve landed, you wouldn’t expect every alien to coincidentally land in America. [Laughs] So she landed in Australia.”

To read the entire interview with Callan, click HERE!

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