Unlocking the I AM NUMBER FOUR 2D Barcode!

Let’s unlock the mystery of 2D barcodes!

2D barcodes behave in the same way as the traditional barcodes do. It allows a camera on a mobile device to scan and connect directly to the mobile internet and access content like videos and podcasts all from your phone!

To scan a 2D barcode with your mobile phone, you need to have a 2D barcode reader installed into your mobile device.

The link below will take you to the 2D barcode reader that is most appropriate for your phone. Please follow the prompts to download and install the reader to your handset.

Once installed, you will need to start the reader. You can find it in the menu–it is typically installed under applications or games.

Once the reader has started, point the phone at the special code on the last page of I AM NUMBER FOUR and click!

Click HERE to download the necessary 2D barcode reader!

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