People Are Loving I Am Number Four!

I Am Number Four 198x300 People Are Loving I Am Number Four! I AM NUMBER FOUR continues to soar and the blogosphere is still buzzing about it! Check out some of the awesome reviews below (and don’t forget to sign in through Facebook to earn your points for a chance to win a trip for two to the movie premiere)!

“Reading this book put me in mind of discovering JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, years ago, and for all good reasons.”  –DaveBrendon’s Fantasy and SciFi Weblog

“I could boil this review down to five words: THIS BOOK RULES THE WORLD.”–

“This could well be the face of science fiction for the younger generations in coming years.” –

“We may well be seeing the start of a series that will do for sci-fi what Harry Potter and Twilight has done for the fantasy and horror.” –

Have YOU read the book yet? And if not, what are you waiting for?? Read an excerpt of I AM NUMBER FOUR here and go out and get your copy today!

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