I Am Number Four11 198x300 PEOPLE ARE BUZZING!!

We’re so excited that I Am Number Four is finally available for you to buy!   Here are some of the glowing endorsements we’ve been seeing. Check out these awesome reviews! And be sure you sign in through Facebook to earn your points for a chance to win a trip for two to the movie premiere.

“Number Four is a hero for this generation.

–Michael Bay, director of Transformers

[I] can’t recommend it highly enough; it’s an easy, fun sci-fi read, one that can be enjoyed equally by teens and adults.” –Adam Rosenberg,

“I absolutely loved I Am Number Four. I did NOT want it to end. The action was so gripping, yet the story was really well-paced and there were many valuable messages to take away. Just fabulous. I am gushing.” —Shannon O’Connor, Doylestown Books

“With amazing writing that brought tears to my eyes (thanks a lot Lore!) and laughter as well, Lore will have you wanting to read more, more, more.  He’s already got me on his science fiction band wagon and I’m sure when you read this one, you’ll be his next victim….readers don’t stand a chance!” –Katelyn, The Bookshelf Sophisticate

 “What we have here ladies and gentlemen, is what is sure to become the next global phenomenon of the literary world. Do not miss out!” –Ryan Woods, Empire of Books

 “A very universal love story.” –D.J. Caruso, I Am Number Four director

“It’s big and visual and spooky and super hot.” –Marti Noxon, I Am Number Four screenwriter

 “[My son] Will couldn’t put down I Am Number Four and told me it was ‘amazing.’ He finished it in a day.” —Clare LaZebnik

 “You’ve got to stop doing this to me—recommending books that prevent me from sleeping! LOVED IT! I think the high school crowd is going to eat it up. Kind of like Superman meets The X Files.” —Dave Richardson, Blue Marble, Fort Thomas, KY

I Am Number Four is one heck of a thrill ride, and a fantastic one at that.”                 –Rachael, The Book Muncher

“Yes, there are aliens, yes there is some fighting, but there is also an underlying romance. Which, if I may add, is probably in the top 10 romances in a novel ever.”      –Courtney Rae, Goodreads

“I was hooked from the opening pages . . . Earnest, sincere . . . and quite epic in scope while being an incredibly personal story. Look forward to seeing where this series is going. For fans of Percy, Twilight, the old WB TV show Roswell, and Terminator. Definitely recommend.” –Andrew Jacobson, co-author of The Familiars

 “[I] didn’t want it to end. Has non-stop action while managing to contain lessons about being a responsible citizen & the importance of being green without being preachy. . . Very excited for the publication of this one!” –Smoreads, Goodreads

“Lorien lore and storyline will keep you reading until the end, just waiting to see what will happen next.” –Alex, Tales of a Teenage Book Lover

I loved this book. I am excited for the next installment. It had action, aliens and a sweet love story. The best character in the book: Bernie Kosar, a great sidekick.            I have a feeling this will be a big hit.” –Pam, Goodreads

“[I am] now a convert to sci-fi YA. Better than Twilight . . . Great fast-pace read about teenage aliens.”  –Erynn, Goodreads

 “Fun, fun, fun adventure story. First in series, I hope, because I can’t wait to read more.” –Janet, Goodreads

 “Great alien action adventure book! Horrific fun for everyone.” –Michele, Goodreads

The most fun YA science fiction of the year!” –Michael, Mysterious Galaxy Books

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